Baby Blog: "Never Events"

How do you plan on avoiding the penalties for so called “never events”? Recent changes in reimbursement to hospitals from both private insurers and Medicare indicate an alarming trend towards lower revenues to hospitals for services provided.  Hospitals are faced with analyzing all of their costs in providing these services.  This cause and effect cycle is nothing new; what is new is the refusal of the payers to reimburse for a list of “never events”. These events which include hospital acquired infections, medication errors, feeding misconnections, and pressure ulcers should “never” occur; they are preventable and therefore hospitals should adopt practices and utilize products to minimize the risk of these events. These products and new practices may add up front costs, but the long term financial advantages can be significant!  We all need to be creative in applying new methods to solving old problems.  Perhaps we should all have been doing this all along; in any event, now is the time to be proactive!  Let us know if we can be of help in this process.